AA.VV. - Si Reggae Forte

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CD Booklet 12 Pages - Release Date: 2002 - Italy - Reggae


1. Banda Dei Falsari - Banshee  3:56

2. Torpedo - Terremoto  5:00

3. The Roff Ambassador - Dal Centro Del Blu  3:59

4. Madekè - Cugino Fiore  5:07

5. Zona Indu - Cercami  3:57

6. Wogiagia - Sfogo  4:36

7. Vigna Massive - Il Silenzio  5:13

8. Sorci Verdi - Gintonic  4:32

9. Revhertz - Duemilauno  4:49

10. Unnaddarè - Moviti  3:59

11. Stati Bradi - A Fondo  3:38

12. Barabbaroots - I Feel High  5:04

13. Soul Dynamics - La Vitamara  3:28

14. Roots In The Sky - Caribbean Style  5:29

15. Trasmigrasia - Bairabi  5:31

16. Radici Nel Cemento - Dedidub  4:14

"Si Reggae Forte" - the compilation we are talking about - is but a good part of it. Sixteen songs where the most traditional reggae is flanked by dub or ragamuffin or drum 'n' bass, and then maybe contaminated with ethno-folk and ska. Or, if you prefer a series of concrete references, sixteen songs whose mood could broadly approach that of Africa Unite and Radici in Cement (present here with a remix), but also - why not? - Mau Mau and the 99 Posse. Sixteen songs for a compilation as a return to the roots. A compilation of the exaltation of the roots, which are sometimes taken at the same time sometimes instead revisited in a modern way.

Hot and slow, therefore, "Si Reggae Forte" is probably the best contemporary summary of what the Roman undergrowth can say to all of Italy in the reggae and related fields. His sixteen episodes may not all be considered excellent, but certainly the average is not bad. Try it is the traditional but effective ethno-raggae of the overture "Banshee" (Band of the Falsari) or the reggae / drum 'n' electronic bass and 'accelerated' of "Earthquake" (Torpedo). Or again, how can we not dance to the solar reggae and big cock of Madeke's "Cousin Flower"? Not to mention the dub part of the compilation, among which "Bairabi" by Transmigrasia and "DEDIdub" by the 'padrini' Radici nel Cemento stand out.

In short, a handful of songs not bad at all that certainly will not fail to meet the earcups of lovers of the genre. If you wanted to dance with music at a low and fair price, if you would like to listen to new groups with good songs, I do not see why you should still be there to ask yourself whether to buy it or not. www.rockit.it


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