A.A.V.V. - Mamma Roma Addio

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Vinyl - Release Date: 2012  - Formato LP - Folk-Rock

Lato A

1. Roma Addio - Recycle Feat. Remo Remotti

2. Passione Romana - Ardecore

3. Nun Te Sveja' - BandaJorona

4. Serpe 'N Seno - Il Muro Del Canto

5. Mettece Sopra - Bandajorona

6. San Lorenzo - Il Muro Del Canto

7. Nessuno - Ardecore

Lato B

8. Te Possino Da Tante Cortellate - Ardecore

9. Nina Vie' Giu'- Ardecore

10. L'Ammazzasette - Il Muro Del Canto

11. Cristo De Legno - Il Muro Del Canto

12. Bolero Alla Romana - BandaJarona

13. Mi Misse a Ffa L'Amore Co 'N Moretto - BandaJarona

14. Fiore De Gioventu - Ardecore

The first collection of Roman song of the new millennium strictly vinyl.

On the occasion of the fifth Record Store Day - which this year coincides with the Birth of Rome (April 21) - Goodfellas is pleased to celebrate the event with an exclusive publication. Under the village of "Mamma Roma Addio roof" some of the formations responsible - through languages and different methods of composition - of the recovery of the roots that marked the new way to songwriting. Rome is no longer the same and the year zero, after Ardecore, a world born from the roots of their own folk carrying the themes "strongest" of their stories in a new sound concept that does not disappoint its origin, but we said with all the accuracy and relevance of which he is capable.

An unprecedented team of Capitoline groups: Ardecore, Bandajorona and the Singing Wall offer the best of their repertoire. It starts with the song-manifesto Roma Goodbye - signed by experimental combo Recycle in the poet company Remo Remote, which can be defined unanimously as the wise old man of the Roman civilization in its current "best known" piece, which at the beginning of the decade past told in an ironic way the most obsolete and recalcitrant sides of Roman society after the war, from which be tempted to flee, and then make inexorably back. And in fact after the song now "historic" which is the title track to the compilation, here comes the novel of Ardecore track (only the entire album), where there are both featuring de Il Muro del Canto that the Bandajorona, that reinterpret version rumba a song by Romolo Balzani "Passione Romana". Text that tells the story of a boy who after leaving the Eternal City, can not help but retrace his steps. From here on, the album alternates between the various chapters of the three groups by offering a glimpse decided on what is the new world of folk Roman, who remains popular through the one that is the most direct form of music, the Rock and Folk.

To songs from the three albums Ardecore, dark songbook Capitoline who succeeded in the difficult attempt to balance tradition and modernity innervandola of a new and original sap, alternates recent compositions of Bandajorona, taken from the new "Put us over", a disc with considerable expressive power in which popular culture dominates and enchants. The Wall of Canto by the deep voice of Daniele Coccia complete the collection with excerpts from "The Ammazzasette" a very intense album that smells give birth to enormous suggestive atmospheres.


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