A.A.V.V. - La Battaglia Di Canne

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CD Booklet 32 Pages  - Release Date: 2005 - Compilation

Track List

1  Neffa - La mia signorina  3:22
2 Pitura Freska - Olanda  4:01
3 Ricky Gianco - Buddha Grass  3:46
4 Folkabbestia - Il castello ottagonale  3:45
5 Eugenio Finardi- -Legalizzatela  4:58
6 La Famiglia Rossi - Libera la notte  3:59
7 Claudio Bisio - La droga fa male  5:03
8 Têtes De Bois - Non si può essere seri a diciassette anni  4:09
9 Gianfranco Manfredi - Svita la vita  2:21
10 Maurizio Camardi Kammerensemble - Cannarì cannaribe  3:00
11 Giorgio Gaber - Maria giovanna  3:56
12 Punkreas - canapa  3:22
13 Gigi Marras - SIgarette fini  3:23
14 Vallanzaska - Cime  4:23
15 Articolo 31 - Ohi Maria  6:02
16 Patrizio Fariselli - Les paradis artificiels  4:08

This record is a compilation of songs on "canes" which includes, among other things, a song by Giorgio Gaber: "Maria Giovanna".
In the 1970s, in the student movement in Milan, when someone came back from India, she brought good amounts of grass to give to friends as well. And it was a real bomb, this Buddha grass, you lay and relaxed you quietly, really gave you a third eye. " So remember the Indian grass Ricky Gianco, songwriter and unmistakable voice of Italian rock (from Pugni closed to Piccolo is beautiful), this time in the production of the album The Battle of Canne, an anthology of pro-marijuana songs (on label the poster). "I took a year to close this project, born out of a collaboration with Franco Corleone, to fight this tragedy of the Fini bill on drugs that equates heroin and hashish, cocaine and ecstasy. An absurd mess. I have tried to put together all the most famous pieces that bend to the canes, a hard work to have the permissions of the different record companies with most of the artists who donated their songs free of charge. The proceeds from the sales of the cd go to the Drug Forums. Sixteen songs in the fun compilation, with many successes - from today's Maria Giovanna by Giorgio Gaber to Ohi Maria of Article 31, passing by My Miss Neffa and Legalizzatela by Eugenio Finardi, Holland of the Pitra Freska, The drug hurts Claudio Bisio, Free Night of the Red Family and You Can not Be Serious at 17 Years of the Tetes de bois. Then the most angry young bands The octagonal castle of Folkabbestia, Punkreas Canapa, Vallanzaska Peaks. And the unpublished Buddha Grass by Gianco, Uncover the life of Gianfranco Manfredi, Cannari Cannaribe by Maurizio Camardi Kammerensemble, Cigarettes by Gigi Marras, Les Paradis Artificiels by Patrizio Fariselli. "The intent is to raise public awareness, to support all the boys who fall into the jets of these ultra-violent rules.

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